I believe the best design grabs your attention at first glance. It's something that makes you stand out in a crowd and most importantly, it's something that says your business is the right choice and the best possible option. 



As a person I am honest and I believe it is important to reflect this quality in design. This means from the beginning of the project to the very end, you will always be given my honest, expert opinion on what your business needs. I am someone you can trust that will give you the attention you deserve. I like design to be, simplistic, relevant and unpretentious.



This is what I 'do' but it is also what I love doing. When I am not working, I design for fun. It is my aim to veer from the mundane, trying new things, thinking outside the box of cliches and creating something truly memorable.



Who is the man behind the design? Well, I am simply a genuine, approachable and hard working guy doing what he loves. But my design hat isn't the only one I wear, I also happen to be a very lucky husband to my beautiful wife, Gemma and an even luckier father to our perfect son, Reuben. 


Before there was design there was music. I have played the drums since I was 13-years-old and have been in an electic mix of bands for as long as I can remember. 


Graphic design, in all formats, has always been an interest of mine; although it took some time to realise I could make it my career. Once I had given up the ridiculous dream of being a 'rockstar', it suddenly opened my eyes to my other passion, design. 

With that TFD was born and the rest they say is the future!

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